Patagonia 2016/2017

It all led up to this.  Jimmy and I went down with the goal of climbing Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy, neither of which we accomplished.  Such is life.  Read the stories!

Recent trip reports:

East Pillar attempt on Slesse, NEB, and SE Couloir descent- A few weekends ago, Jimmy and I spent two nights and days up at Slesse camped at the propellor cairn.  Here are some notes from the trip that include details on our East pillar attempt and a descent of the SE couloir from the summit. Day 1 – East Pillar attempt I think Jimmy and […]
Domo Blanco: Super Domo- Super Domo and Ice Cream Afterwards As anyone who has visited El Chalten can attest to, sharing some ice cream at Domo Blanco is a must do while in town.  You can do a half kilo of ice cream for 150 pesos (roughly 10 dollars) with up to four flavors. One of best available is […]
New line on Cerro Solo: El Tiburón- Standing on top of summits in Patagonia seems to be pretty hard.  We finally did it though, Jimmy, Austin and I. Of course, Austin has before, but for Jimmy and I, it was a first.  The climb was unconventional in the sense that it was not one of the grander points on one of the larger […]
Christmas Exocet Attempt- After a week and a half in Chalten, we finally got out for our first set of climbing days in Patagonia.  Somehow luck would have it that we found ourselves on one of the better known ice climbs in the world on Christmas.  It was our first real taste of Patagonia weather, and a really wild mountain […]


Recent tips and Techniques:

Patagonia Packing List- I’m starting a new job on Thursday after a long hiatus.  As I expect my brain power to be fully absorbed, I am trying to do some memory dumps before it is too late. This particular post is all about what I brought to Patagonia during this last climbing season.  I am going to try […]
A first timer’s beta for El Chalten- It has taken me awhile to get really psyched on blogging again after traveling, climbing, and writing for 9 months straight.  Some of those climbs in Patagonia really took it out of me and stirred up a lot of thinking. Either way, slowly getting back to it…. My trip to El Chalten this year was my […]
A Year of Training: The climbing-specific period on the road and lessons learned- Last week in this post I talked about the training I did during my ‘base period’ while following Scott Johnston and Steve’s house advice in Training for the New Alpinism. This week, I am going to finish off the discussion with a review of what I did during my climbing-specific period, to taper, how I […]
Happy Hands While Ice and Alpine Climbing- I’ve had some cold days lately, but I have been pretty happy about learning how to keep my hands warm most of the time.  This includes moments in Bozeman, MT when the wind chill hit numbers in the negative teens, and in Patagonia, where spin drift and warmer temps are sure to mean wet gloves […]