Climbing Yosemite Classics

I spent the fall in Yosemite for 3 weeks with friends.  I wasn’t very creative with my time, and did both the Nose and the Rostrum twice.   Whatever.  It is what it is and it was pretty good

Trip reports:

Climbing The Nose in a Day- When Jimmy and I shipped down to Yosemite, I had two goals for my few weeks there.  The Nose with Ben and Lindsey, and the Nose in a day. Due to stellar planning and good luck, Ben and Lindsey we knocked down our 3 day ascent on this mega-classic without too much hassle. Objective 1 accomplished.  It […]
El Capitan’s “The Nose” with Amazing Friends- A few months ago, when I was in the initial stages of planning my fall, Ben and Lindsey Kunz and I decided that we wanted to descend on Yosemite together. Obvious objective:  The Nose on El Capitan as a party of three. I was super psyched for a few reasons: Objectively, the Nose could be […]

Recent tips and Techniques:

So you want to climb the Captain? Here is what you should know.- So you want to climb the Nose (or another big wall)? Ben and Lindsey Kunz (both Grassroots Athletes for Outdoor Research), and I recently climbed the Nose.  It was awesome to  nail our timeline, do it in “comfort”, and feel great afterwards.  We felt so great that after one rest day we went to climb the […]