Blogs: Sources for Inspiration

We all have blogs we like to follow, or at leasts websites we visit from time to time.  Here are some of my favorites:

Dr. Geoff Lecovin’s Blog

Okay, this is a major plug for Geoff.  I have been seeing Geoff for muscular-skeletol issues for the last year (I am constantly recovering from a torn hamstring).  If you are looking for someone really knowledge in this space, Geoff is your man.  He has also really turned me on to the benefits of “dry-needling”.  Geoff also writes the above blog, where he highlights current research in nutrition, exercise science, and maintaining a health lifestyle.  Love it!

Bulletproof Exec Podcasts

While I don’t believe or follow everything Dave Asprey preaches, I do believe he uncovers some worthy healthy and lifestyle science.  In general, look at some of his older podcasts for the best interviews and content.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

According to the intro on his podcast series, Ben G is a world reknowned athlete and trainer.  Like Dave, he can be a bit arrogant (just let the experts speak), but he does uncover a whole lot of interesting trends on his show .

These are a few of my favorite podcasts by Ben:


My family

  • My mom is a health and wellness coach and brings great perspective into my life.  I tend to browse her Facebook page from time to time for articles on happiness, well-being, and mindfulness.
  • My sister in law is an amazing cook and is starting her own health food business.  Check her out on Instagram for good recipe ideas.