About me

This blog is largely about climbing.  It started with a 9 month road-trip I took that culminated in travel to climb in Patagonia.  I enjoy climbing as a platform for self-discovery and a reason to travel and see the world (even when it is just outside the front door). Here are some of the things I write about:

  • Trip reports and stories are both meant to be narrative and beta-intensive.
  • All the things I learn along the way (mostly climbing stuff): mastery.
  • Health:  posts will cover diet, nutritional science, health and wellness, mindfulness, and the like, which I find very interesting.

Why “chasing mastery”?

I think a lot about the learning and growth processes that occur for me as I apply myself to something I am passionate about.  In the context of climbing, this often entails a route that is hard for me or an objective on a complicated mountain, but it applies for me more generally as well.  With mindfulness as a guide, I believe there is beautiful, depthless opportunity to better understand ourselves as we dedicate our time and energy to the things we love.

I am inspired by friends, family, and complete strangers. I’ll try to capture the essence of their advice and opinions as I find them to be true and interesting, but here is a curated list of some of my favorite sites, books, and people.  For those that know me, I am sure you’ll have heard me mention these many times 😉

  • High Intensity Health
    • My brother Mike is extremely passionate about health, diet, nutrition, and sports science.  He has a podcast series available online and on iTunes.  The information is highly-technical but immensely interesting. Check it out if you want no B.S reviews of the latest trends in health and wellness.
  • Dr. Geoff Lecovin’s Blog
    • I have been seeing Geoff for muscular-skeletal issues for the last year (torn hamstring).  If you are looking for someone really knowledgable in this space, Geoff is your man.  He turned me on to the benefits of “dry-needling”.  Geoff writes a blog post every Saturday, where he highlights current research in nutrition, exercise science, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  These are to the point, simple and informative. Geoff gets up early every Saturday to write a post about something new as his way to keep learning. Talk about devotion.
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness
    • According to the intro on his podcast series, Ben G is a “world-renowned athlete and trainer”. He reviews the latest science and trends in the health and wellness space, with a particular focus on athletic performance – he is an Ironman athlete. I strongly believe in the modulation of our own health and fitness through diet, which is often discuss on Ben’s podcasts.  My favorite is this one here:
  • BrainPicking.org
    • The articles here and their pointers to some of the best thinkers of our time and past centures have deeply inspired me as I build my own mission statement in life.  Its worth a read, but requires a certain mindset….
  • My family
    • My sister in law is an amazing cook and is starting her own health food business.  Check her out on Instagram for good recipe ideas.
    • My mom is a health and wellness coach and brings great perspective into my life.  I tend to browse her Facebook page from time to time for good articles that she re-shares.

I am a co-section chair for the AAC in the Cascade section. I enjoy trying to give back and helping to strengthen the climbing community as it continues to grow rapidly.


Last by certainly not least, I am immensely grateful for the support that local representatives at the following companies continue to provide me, specifically Dave Haavik at The Alta Group, and Erich Henninger at Pinnacle Sales NW.