Washington state

I’ve taken an early life crises to do a bit of traveling.  You can read all about my trip here.  Right now, I am still in the final phases of planning my departure, which means lots of internet time, guidebooks, and research!  I’ve also gotten to partake in the following adventures in the Pacific Northwest:

Recent trip reports:

Baker: Coleman Headwall- Mark and I made a spontaneous decision to climb the Coleman Headwall on Mt. Baker last weekend. Conditions: Having set aside Saturday for climbing, we landed on doing a volcano route for a few reasons.  First, I’ve wanted to brush up on glacier and steep snow travel before heading to Chamonix.  Second, the warming over the […]
Skiing Ruby Mountain- Ruby is a classic backcountry destination in the North Cascades.  The top elevation is just about 7200ft, and through the spring it holds snow at higher elevations. Ben, Jon, Dylan and I headed up for what would be Ben, Dylan, and I’s second attempt to hit the summit this year.  In February, we were forced […]
Ski Alaska!- I just made my first ski trip to Alaska! There were two goals I had that drove me to travel there: I wanted to see what Alaska had to offer.  Jimmy had been working in the Alaska range, and had mentioned all of the opportunities for cool adventure up there.  This was a chance to […]
Birthday weekend: Freeway and the Great Game- Ben Kunz and I had been eyeing Freeway in Squamish for months.  From the get-go, we seemed to be equally psyched on scaring ourselves.  I also we think we cumulatively read the description in Squamish Select 100 times before we finally headed up there, along with many many trip reports, online topos and mountain project […]




Recent tips and Techniques:

Notes on a year of training – Transition and Base Periods- This year, before and during my road trip I followed a more strict training regime than I ever have put together for myself before.  In past lives, I have completed organized training schedules for competitive sports or events in college (lacrosse, squash, training for the Boston Marathon with the Tufts marathon team), but I had […]
The best time to get fit is when you have a full time job- I was talking with my friend Austin recently on a trip out to the mountains.  Like any good car ride, our conversations were well-rounded: life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.  One of the things we touched upon was how to best fit training time into your life.  We agreed that the best time to get […]
Make it all Type I- I love climbing, BUT…I can name quite a few times where I have been sitting at an anchor, or trying to on a sleep a ledge, before I suddenly started to question what the **** I was doing. Anybody been there?  It was all fun and games all day long until I hit a wall where I felt […]