North Cascades Team Retreats

I’m going to take a second to talk about the business venture I am working on, then back to our regular programming….

I’ve been traveling to climb for the last year or so.  I love climbing, but climbing wasn’t the end goal in itself for me.  What I love more than climbing, is the concept of personal power that Arno Ilgner discusses in The Rock Warrior’sWay.  I love that as we set goals and challenge ourselves, we learn what we are capable of.  I don’t mean climbing 5.12.  We learn that we are capable of accomplishing things that require extreme focus and attention to detail, we learn to manage the conversations in our head that tell us something isn’t possible, or we learn about the motivation and effort it takes to make long-term dreams a reality.  Climbing teaches us to love, to give, and to be curious.   It taught me a lot this year.

My year of traveling and climbing has convinced me that we are at our best as humans, as friends, and as teammates when we disconnect for just a second to appreciate the people around us, and that through engaging in shared experiences with other people, we can build positive supportive relationships that enable us to expand into the creative, purposeful, and powerful individuals we all have the capability of being.  This year I “disconnected” in a pretty significant fashion: I quit my job, moved out of my house, and hit the road to spend more time outside.  But I don’t think it has to be this drastic.  I think we can realize the benefits of taking a breather by just closing our laptops for a few days and by avoiding our inbox of emails that often do nothing more than stress us out. When we disconnect like this and take a second to spend time with others outside, we enter a more creative state.  We feel we can be creative because we have created an environment of trust around us.  We understand the other people next to us because we have now created memories with them.  We know them beyond a set of transactional interactions.

I’ve been using my own personal power to create corporate retreats in Mazama, Washington that would allow teams to disconnect and to build shared experiences.  As one of the most scenic destinations in the country, I believe Mazama offers a unique venue that inspires people to engage with the outdoors, to spend time outside, and to disconnect from the stress of work.  It offers the perfect setting for teams to come and build shared experiences together, to build high-trust relationships, and to find the creativity and energy they need to return to work more engaged and productive than ever.  If you want to learn more about this retreat offering I have put together, please visit the website below.  I would appreciate it if you shared it with folks who might be interested.  We have limited space available this September and October for small groups.  I would love to see you there with your team.

Now back to climbing!

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